Monday, 6 May 2013

My Secret Shame...without the secret, or in fact the shame.

I, Abigail Jane Pearson, being of sound mind and body but knowing the uncertainty of life, do hereby make, publish and declare this, I fucking love Harry Potter. I am a grown woman (almost) whose bedroom walls are plastered in Harry Potter posters and Hogwarts banners, and I am in no way ashamed to admit this, and neither is Hayley. Hayley Carr is a girl that I used to go to school with, and my love of all things wizard is challenged only by hers, so I put this to you, blog-stumble-upon-ers (because let's be fair, no one reads this shit regularly), make Hayley's dreams happen, as a fellow Potter-head. 

This blog post came with two motives, first a shout out and in support of Hayley, the second is this, I do not own a Topshop shirt with the word GEEK on and I do not wear glasses with no frames, I do however love Maths, school, and above all else, Harry Potter, so along with Hayley, this is my question to you...

So what if I'm a geek?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The BIGGER the better.

If you're the biggest creature on earth, that by extension probably makes you the biggest creature in the known universe, now I'm not doubting the existence of life on other planets, I'm just saying anything that big probably would have been discovered by now. Now, I'm just a simple country girl, I get over excited by the tube, and I'm constantly penniless so the chances of my ever seeing something that cool are slim to none...or they were.

Behold, the BLUE WHALE

You gotta friend in me...

Sometimes in life, you just come across things and you just think, 'Why the fuck didn't I think of that?' then other times you think 'What was the point in that?', upon seeing this ladies and gentlemen, I thought both...

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

You only get one chance at a first impression...unless you change your opening sequence then you have as many chances as you want

Some of my favourite opening sequences...

The Killing, a US remake of Danish programme Forbrydelsen (The Crime). Because God knows the Americans can't just watch a programme from a different country. Ignore the fact that there's four, just pay attention to one of them.

Game of Thrones, as good as the opening sequence is, it's not even half as good as the programme.

The Big Bang Theory. 

 How I Met Your Mother, what I like about this is how all the photos used look like photos that you and your friends would actually take on a night out.