Wednesday, 3 October 2012

'Mama, I love you'...yeah that's right, I just quoted the Spice Girls, I went there.

Unfinished. Busy girl like, I've got other shit
that needs to be done, Mam keeps asking
me when I'm going to finish it. Soon Mother.

This is my Mam.

I painted her. Twice. And despite the fact these two portraits were both painted from photographs taken within seconds of each other, they look super different, even her facial expressions are different, which is crazy talk because I swear to god there is about 8 seconds in between these photos. But what I'm getting at is, if paintings that are less 'photo realistic' have more character, then why does the black and white makes me smile more? The coloured painting has 'character', but it's not my Mam's character, so if it's not the right sort of 'character' does it really matter how much character a painting has?


I let her keep this one, to be honest
I didn't think she'd 'keep' it on the
living room wall for everyone to see.

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