Friday, 28 September 2012

All you need is love... is all you need?

My friend Calvin asked me to paint him a picture of the Beatles, because he loves them, like too much, like no one should love the Beatles, or in fact any band that much. Especially seeing as the Beatles are the 5th most overrated band on the planet ( U2, One Direction, Foo Fighters and Coldplay, in that order). But he really loves them, I think they're just okay, but to him they're awesome, so does that make them awesome? Is one man's 5th most overrated another man's treasure? Does the ability to play your instruments perfectly define a good band? Or is it passion and your ability to make people love what you do? Same for artists, if you can't or just don't paint with photo-realism, is passion enough to get you through? And the risk of sounding like a cheesy bastard, is love really all you need?

I swear I will get it finished one of these days.

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