Sunday, 30 September 2012

Any Excuse.

And I mean literally ANY excuse to google Downton Abbey,
and I am there.

 So we're sitting in our 'Design in Context' lecture, and your man Nick's going on about jeans, (there was more, I took notes, it's not relevant to this post), and then he goes and says 'For this week everyone's going to be assigned a decade from 1920 up until 1990, and they've got to design a character from that decade', and all I can think is 'Bro I need 1920, I fucking love Downton Abbey' and so I'm sitting there, edge of seat style, praying for the 1920s thinking, 'I'm never going to get this.' and I'm sitting there and I'm like the 50th person on the list and the girl in front of me in the list gets called and Nick says '1990' and I know right there and then that I am getting the 1920s, don't worry though, I didn't squeal, I played it cool and was all like 'Oh 1920s? I suppose that's cool.'

Now as much as I love Anna and Mr. Bates their drab servant wear can in no way compete with the likes of Chanel and the Marcel wave, really it would be like setting a kitten on a rottweiler that hasn't be fed in 6 months, so I'm not even going to bother sticking picture of servants on here. And the men? Well a suit is a suit right?

But dude, check out the 20s goodness, now I am talking class, look at them. The hat's man, look at the hats, the dresses, the hair, it's all good.

The Marcel Wave
Chanel poster,
she thinks she's something like.
Also keep going down and you'll find the trailer for Downton Abbey series 3, now if anyone asks it's there for 'reference to costume', but really I just love Downton Abbey, seriously, it's on tonight at 9pm, check it out.

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