Saturday, 29 September 2012

Old People know their shit.

Close call.
The only two horrible old people
I know, and they're fictional.

They rock.

Stealing wallets like.
Why Sidney? Why?
On Friday I got on the train home from university, finding a complete lack of seats I sat at a table opposite an elderly man who smiled at me. Having been up at 6:30am and 5:30am every other day that week I fell asleep quick sharp. When I woke up I felt like I was dying and after some severe baby dinosaur noises I look up to see the old man staring me right in the face, he smiled again at me and, I shit you not, said 'Life's tough some times', I thought, fuck that's deep, but I knew what I wanted to say back to him, I wanted to say 'Yes sir it is, it's tough, life's hard, you should know you're old, you've seen so much, you've done so much, you've loved, you've been loved, you've lost. You've probably got kids, you've watched them grow, you seen them laugh and seen them cry. You've felt heart break, pain, happiness. You've probably seen real beauty, you've looked into the eyes of someone who loves you, you've got regrets, you miss old friends. You've seen war, the first moon landings, the first female Prime Minister, the first black US president, you were there for the start of the NHS, the Labour Party, you saw the death of a King, the coronation of the new queen, you saw rock and roll first hand. You know more than anyone that life is tough.' That's what I wanted to say , but I didn't what I actually said was 'It is.' and rolled back over to sleep. My real point is though that, that old man didn't have to smile at me, he didn't have to watch me and my stuff as I slept, he didn't have to tell me that life was tough, but he did, all the hard stuff that people see, that makes them hard and bitter, that when you see a young person being a dick, the stuff would make you say 'Well they've had a hard time', all those things that this man had time to see plenty of , it hadn't made him horrible. Which got me thinking, old people are fucking awesome, they've seen it all, they've done it all, and still just keep it real.

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