Friday, 21 September 2012

Do nice guys really finish last?

 If you go on a treasure hunt, it's implied that there is some form of treasure involved, but if there's not, then why go...I'll tell you why, cos your course tutor has asked really nicely and when someone asks nice you'd probably give them anything, cos you just can't argue with puppy dog eyes and manners, so being nice gets you ahead, that being said I think all the girls in my group were pretty nice girls, we still finished last, well truth be told we didn't finish at all, so DO nice guys finish last? 

Really though, who cares? 

When you actually are wondering around with sore feet and sore heads, you tend not to care, it's only when you get back that you give a shit. I think the team did put in a good effort though, all things considered...

Also: I'd like you to know that there were originally 13 pictures in this particular set, but 13's an unlucky number, and I just can't be dealing with that, especially not in my first blog post.

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